QR Record Details
Title of Qualification:
Higher Diploma in Testing and Certification
Title of Qualification (Chinese):
QR Registration No.:
Registration Validity Period:
01/09/2015 To 31/08/2026
Registration Status:
Credit Accumulation and Transfer:
Credit Accumulation and Transfer (Institutional)
Sending Qualification of Credit Accumulation and Transfer (Programme)
Primary Area of Study and Training:
A06 Engineering and Technology
Sub-area (Primary Area of Study and Training):
A0604 Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering and Services
Other Area of Study and Training:
Sub-area (Other Area of Study and Training):
Industry and Branch:
B21 Testing, Inspection and Certification
B2101 Testing, Inspection and Certification
Name of Operator / Agency :
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), Vocational Training Council
Name of Operator / Agency(Chinese):
職業訓練局香港專業教育學院 (IVE)
Granting Body:
Vocational Training Council
Granting Body (Chinese):
Country/Region of Operator/Agency:
Hong Kong SAR
Country/Region of Granting Body:
Hong Kong SAR
Programme / Qualification Info.:
Prog. / Qualification Enq. Phone No.:
(852) 28976111
Operator/Agency Reference Code:
Special Notes:
The former title and programme code of this programme before AY2015/16 is "Higher Diploma in Product Testing" and EG114707 respectively. This programme is subvented for Full-time mode and Part-time day mode. The reference code before 2021/22 academic year was EG114717-HD.
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Registration Validity Period is the period this qualification is registered on the QR. For more detailed explanation on the Registration Validity Period, please see the definition in the Glossary section / FAQ section